Provides portal services, e-commerce, websites, newspapers, magazines and mobile apps
For Portals & E-Services
Portals, e-commerce and websites
Special programming
Magazines and E-Newspapers
Mobile and Smart-Devices apps
Software and service systems

Network Update was established in 2013 to provide services and technical solutions for companies, commercial and industrial establishments, and the government is one of the leading institutions in the field of information technology, systems design, software and web hosting

Social Media Marketing

In order to ensure continuity of success, technology must be kept up to date with its variants so we include mobile applications as part of our strategy.


Digital products have a special character so we care about the product on two axes, how it looks and what effect it will leave on the user and that is the basis.


The goal of all we do in the first place is to build strong and trustworthy relationships with our customers.

We provide community leadership services in the field of community responsibility, including training and technical solutions.

Our Services

Design of portals, e-commerce and websites

Design, manage and maintain electronic gates, designing stores and websites of all kinds

Mobile apps

Applications of smart devices of all kinds were black on the same operating platform as native or unified design techniques

Special programming

Design private websites, web applications and API programs as per customer requirements

Design of e-newspapers and magazines

Design magazines, newspapers, newspapers and electronic newsletters of various kinds according to the latest technologies

Design programs and systems

Accounting systems, human resources, CRM, office automation, ERP, CRM and others

Our global expertise is at your fingertips

We save your time and money

Your satisfaction is our focus

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